What are modern cloth nappies?

Be Bliss Baby Cloth Nappies are the modern version of the traditional cloth material nappy that has revolutionised over time. This sustainable and vibrant version of cloth nappies are easy to use, caring on our environment and fun. Cloth nappies are also extremely cost effective and can save you thousands of dollars per child. 

Our products are handmade with love from beautiful materials like organic bamboo, charcoal and microfiber. They are waterproof and easy to wipe so no leaks or fuss.
There are little press studs along the top and legs to adjust the size of the fit to the baby, meaning one size fits all and will fit most babies throughout their entire nappy time. We recommend our nappies are best from about 8 weeks old to 2.5 years old. 
You don’t need additional clips and clasps or plastic covers.
Biodegradable bamboo liners can be used inside to catch any number twos and simply throw into the bin and will breakdown. 
We also offer a range of everyday baby products like swim nappies, bibs, nursing pads and more. 
The best possible prenatal gift. 
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