How to size our cloth nappies to your baby

When sizing your baby, start with fitting for baby’s length using the snaps running up and down the front of the cloth nappy.  There are three rows and three columns of snaps which adjust the rise or height of the nappy.  Ideally, the nappy will lay right at the hip bones, under the belly button and just above the top of the bum.

To adjust the width of the nappy, adjust the top two rows of snaps across the waist of the nappy.  Begin with the snaps around baby’s thighs, and then complete the double snaps for the waist (top row).  For the best fit, adjust so that you have all three snaps from each of the front flaps secured.

Finding the right size fit for your baby can take some trial and error, and the sizing will continue to change as your baby grows.  You do want to make sure the fit is tight enough to hold all moisture and solids in, but you should be able to comfortably stick a finger between baby’s leg and the diaper and two fingers under the belly and nappy.  Make sure the nappy sits in the leg creases of baby like how undies would sit. Slight indents on baby’s legs from the nappy are normal, as long as you can pass the finger test.