15 wet bag multi use functions

Did you know that our wet bags can be used for many other reasons, outside the use for dirty nappies. They make the perfect everyday accessory. 

See some creative and unexpected idea's below; 

1. Dirty nappies

This one is obvious, each wet bag has the a purpose of carrying both clean and dirty nappies. These are fantastic when out and about and need to change a nappy or when you're at home and can easily keep the mess contained. 

2. Swim nappies

Our wet bags are water proof and have a double zipper, meaning wet items and dry items can easily remain separated. These are handy for days at the pool or the beach. 

3. Daycare 


This is a personal favourite of mine, especially when my daughter was toilet training. The bag can be sent to daycare in your child's bag ready for any soiled clothes. Any daycare parent knows that between toilet accidents and play time, the constant changes of clothes in a week can get excessive. With the use of our wet bags, this provides the daycare with an opportunity to limit their use of plastic bags. It's a great step in the right direction. 

4. Snack bag

Easy for on the go, just chuck in any of your snacks and off you go, you know that when you're ready for the snacks they will be nice and fresh. 

5. Pram bag

Now having my second daughter, I wish I had discovered wet bags the first time round. These are super handy to have for any items that you need to have in close range, such as dummies, bottles, snacks, teethers etc. With the snap clip, it can easily attach to the pram. 

6. Beach bag

Perfect for those sandy summer beach days, easy to chuck in wet swimwear and sandy beach toys. Easy to come home and hose off or put through the wash. 

7. Bath toys 

The waterproof bag makes it a perfect bathroom accessory, clean and easy to store away those wet, bubble covered bath toys. 

8. Breast feeding essentials

I hate to admit this! When I returned to work 7 months after my first daughter was born, I was pumping daily and I would use plastic bags to ensure that my pump and breast pads wouldn't leave wet residue or spill milk throughout my bag. Looking back, I wish I had a wet bag, it makes the perfect accessory to store and carry your breast pump, milk soaked breast pads and bottles. The bag keeps the pump clean and hygienic  with the ability to separate used items and easy for those on the go days. 

9. Bottles

These are perfect for carrying bottles, the double zip means you can have clean and fresh bottles in one section and used bottles in the other. 

10. Toiletry bag

Super handy for those family holidays, school trips or daily storage of your toiletries. The wet bag will keep all spills, leaks and wetness contained. No more spills throughout your luggage!

11. Spare clothes

For mums and bubs, how many of us have had a baby that vomits numerous times a day. On our days out, both mum and bubs need to have a handy change of clothes, make it possible with the clean set in one pocket and the dirty set in another. 

12. Arts & craft accessories

Whether it be for those super busy toddlers or for those little extra curricular activities for our mums, the wet bag is a perfect storage option. If you're heading out and about just throw in some colouring in essentials or a few toys and have them ready to keep them busy. For our mums, these are great when you are at home and need a quick way to throw your craft accessories away out of reach of little hands. 

13. Family outings 

Whether it be a picnic, day at the beach or just an outing for a walk or bike ride, the wet bags are perfect for all those accessories. Going for a picnic, store your utensils in the bag for clean and easy access. Going to the beach and want sunscreen that isn't covered in sand, put your sunscreen in one section and your sunglasses in another whilst you go for that quick dip. Kids learning to ride their bike, think about carrying some first aid supplies, like bandaids for those scraped little knees. 

14. Laundry wash bag

Hang a bag on the back of your bathroom door, kids bedroom doors or even just in the laundry for those extra yucky laundry items. Items can be contained in the bag and can easily be chucked into the wash. No need to double handle. 

15. Gym bag

These are a great addition to the typical gym bag, throw your deodorant, gym towel, those smelly socks into a bag without worrying about what it is doing to the rest of your bag. 

Can't think of a better everyday accessory!