The difference between different MCN INSERTS

So you're looking to start your cloth nappy journey, or perhaps you've already started and are already a user (go you!!), but you're a little confused about the difference in inserts. Charcoal? Hemp? Microfibre? Different prices? What does it all mean and what do you need? Here at Be Bliss Baby we've debunked the different inserts on the market and helped to explain what they are, what you need and how they're different. 

At a glance:

Firstly, we're going to answer what actually is an insert, if you're not sure. Inserts are responsible for absorbing the liquid with modern cloth nappies. They sit inside the shell (outer part) of a cloth nappy. With Be Bliss Baby cloth nappies, they side inside an opening within the shell of the nappy. This helps improve absorption and avoid any leakage. If you find a cloth nappy where the insert sits on the outside of shell (between the shell and your baby's bottom), you may find that it is more prone to leaking, as it scrunches together as a baby moves around. An insert is required for every time a nappy is worn. Sometimes, we recommend putting 2 inserts inside the one cover (usually over the night time if the baby is very hydrated going to bed).

Microfibre Inserts 
These are the most common, and for Be Bliss Baby customers, they come free with every cloth nappy. Microfibre is a safe synthetic material that is very fast at absorbing liquid and a great starting insert that is most affordable. Microfibre inserts have a fast absorbency (that’s why great to combine with a second insert like bamboo or hemp) and they have high capacity (meaning they can hold a fair bit of liquid). They're made of synthetic fibres, and may leak with compression (like a wet sponge when squeezed can release liquid). If you need additional microfibre inserts, you can purchase them here.
Bamboo Charcoal Inserts 
Bamboo charcoal inserts are made from bamboo layers with charcoal spun into it them, with microfibre layers making up the inner of the insert. These extra layers make them more absorbent than a regular microfibre insert. With the composition of bamboo and charcoal sitting closest to the baby's bottom, these inserts provide a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal function for the baby's bottom. Which is perfect for overnight use or when a baby is wearing a nappy for a longer period of time. They are easily distinguished as they are grey in colour, representative of the charcoal composition. They have a medium absorbency and moderate capacity. They are made of synthetic fibres, and are totally safe for a baby's skin. Bamboo Charcoal inserts can be purchased in addition to any cloth nappy from Be Bliss Baby here.
Hemp Inserts
Hemp Inserts are the most durable of all the insert options, as well as the most absorbent, although they do have a slower absorbency rate. The material is 100% natural, with no synthetic fibres. They are also the most durable, meaning they won’t shrink or shred in the wash or dryer. Hemp inserts are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, whilst also being able to hold the most amount of liquid in them. If you're looking for the most absorbent option for your baby overnight, try layering a hemp insert behind either a microfibre or a bamboo charcoal insert, so the insert closest to baby's skin absorbs liquids very quickly, and hemp insert behind it absorbs volumes and holds it in. Hemp inserts can be additionally purchased from Be Bliss Baby here. 
We hope that has helped clear things up for you. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us or join our forum over on Facebook where you can chat to other mum's as well as our founders about your experience.