How to use your cloth nappies

Be Bliss Baby Modern Cloth Nappies are the modern version of the old school cloth nappy that our parents and their parents used. Instead of heavy materials, safety pins and messing around with plastic covers, we now have a nappy shell which has press studs for an adjustable fit, waterproof outer layer and a suede lining with a pocket to insert an extra absorbent piece of material called an insert into. Both of these 2 items come with every nappy purchase and are really, all you need to get started.

7 Easy steps of HOW to use & wash our cloth nappies

  1. Place insert inside nappy cover. One for short use day time and 2-3 for long periods or overnight. 
  2. Line with Bamboo liner *please note you you can also choose to skip this step and not liners if preferred
  3. Fit according to your baby's size (see sizing guide here).
  4. After 2-3 hours, or as required, undress baby and dispose of liner (if used)
  5. Pull out insert/s and place dirty insert and cover in a dry bucket or pail with as many holes and as much airing as possible (more airflow = less bacteria & less smell). Scrap off any number twos in the toilet and rinse in hot water before placing nappy in the dry bucket.
  6. Wash on a long warm (40-60 degree) cycle using detergent of choice. No bleach or soaking necessary. Can be washed with other items. A pre wash is recommended, especially when baby has done poo. 
  7. Line dry insert and nappy covers. Inserts can be tumble dried on a low heat if necessary, but please do not put the nappy covers in the drier as the PUL will delaminate and your nappy cover will be ruined.

Every nappy will last a lifetime, they are washable and reusable. We suggest that you may need (depending on child's size and weight) about 5 x nappies for the day and then 1 x nappy for the night.

There is no reason to have any additional expenses after purchasing your nappies and inserts (apart from topping up on liners) and this is why using our cloth nappies will save you so much money in the long run. 

Top 3 reasons you need cloth nappies;

  1. Save yourself as much as $1800. Once you purchase your nappy pack of choice, no more purchases are necessary.
  2. Save the earth from 1700 kilograms of waste
  3. Save your baby from being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. (More information click here

You also have the recommended option to put a fresh bamboo liner (liner) on top of the nappy each time you fit on your child. The liner should catch any poos and make it easy to grab, tip the solids into the toilet and bin the liner. 

Over night, and for heavy wetters, we recommend 2 x inserts and ideally, make one of these either a Hemp or a Bamboo Charcoal insert to boost absorption. 

Once you've made your purchase, follow these simple 7 instructions on how to use our nappies day to day. 

If you still have questions - jump over to our FAQ or simply send us an email -

Remember we are here to help. You can do it though. You can BE BLISS BABY!