How many Nappies do I need?

We suggest about 6-8 nappies for a 24 hour period. That is each day the baby will need around 6-8 changes. So, if you are happy to wash every day, then you will need 12-16 nappies in total. If you would prefer to wash twice a week, then we would recommend 24-30 nappies in total.

I’m worried about the smell.

Don’t be. All you need to do is put the dirty nappies in a dry pail which can be a laundry basket or any container with no lid and as many holes as possible so they can air. No water or soaking required.  Alternatively, you can easily put the nappies straight in the laundry. Tip the poos into the toilet and if using bamboo liners please do not flush these, even though they are biodegradable they can not be flush rather bin them. Prewash or wash the nappies every second day. 

Do I need to handle poo?

Let’s hope not. Simply use a bamboo liner that sits between the nappy and babies bottom.  Pick up the liner and tip the poo into the toilet and throw the liner in the bin.  Or scrap off the poo from the nappy into the toilet and pop the nappy under hot water until rinsed then wash away. 

Can I wash with other items?

Of course. Nappies do not need to be washed exclusively. Pop them in with other everyday items or your babies clothes. A pre-wash is recommended when doing this. 

What do I need to dry the nappies?

We always recommend popping the nappies on the line to dry. The nappy shells dry quickly as do the microfiber inserts.  Bamboo and hemp inserts can take longer to dry and can be popped into the tumble dry on a low heat if needed especially during those wet winter months.  Please DO NOT place your nappy shells in the tumble dry, the heat will cause the PUL to delaminate and your beautiful nappies will be ruined.

What sizes do you have?

One size fits all (well most!). We have press studs so you can adjust as you go.  

Do you come and collect the Nappies?

Unfortunately not. We leave all the washing to you and once purchased, the nappies are yours to keep!

What do I actually need?

1 x cloth nappy set and you’re off! Optional are our bamboo liners that help catch poos. Otherwise just grab a couple of single nappies to trial (they come with bamboo inserts) 

How often do they need to be washed?

We suggested to tie your washing into your current regime and not to leave dirty nappies for longer than 2 days.  We recommend following the washing routine as per Clean Cloth Nappies 

What can I do for night nappies or heavy flows?

Simple!! Pop in an additional Charcoal or hemp insert. You should be able to fit 3 inserts in a nappy. 

What do I wash the nappies with?

We recommend using a strong powder detergent but you’re welcome to use what best suits you. Whatever you are currently using to wash your clothes is fine. We recommend following the washing routine as per Clean Cloth Nappies 

How do I start?

Make a purchase here and then remember to wash you nappies twice and dry twice in the sun before use. Like a new towel, nappies are most absorbent after a few initial washes.

Good Luck and remember we are here to help! You can do it! You can Be Bliss Baby.